Thursday, September 11, 2014

Faux Fur

Fake Fur - Faux Fur

Shannon Fabrics provides some tips for working with faux (fake) fur.  Here's the basics:

  • Use ½" seam allowances
  • Use 110 or 120 size needle depending on fur and chosen backing (we like SCHMETZ needles)
  • Increase to 3.5mm stitch length

  •  Lay fabric on cutting surface wrong side up. Be sure the fur is going in the same direction and lying smooth and flat. (Sliding a yardstick under the fabric will get the fibers going the right way.)
  • Draw cutting lines with black sharp marker on back of fur
  • Trim selvage edge 
  • Longer pile fur: cut through backing only with scissors and pull apart
  • Short pile fur : can be cut with a rotary cutter (we tend to like OLFA). The fiber caught in the seams can be pulled out
Pinning and Sewing
  • For longer fur: comb fibers away from edge and hold in place with blue painters tape. Combing removes some of the loose fibers and makes it easier to tape them out of seam allowance. Do not tape inside seam allowance. (Fibers will be standing up, place tape on tip of the fibers, press onto fabric.)
  • When closing a seam, it is easier to hand stitch opening closed if you top stitch seam allowances on the fur edge of the openings, before sewing the rest of the seams. Use a ladder stitch to join the two edges together, using the stitching lines as a guideline.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Design by Color Wallcoverings

New from Design by Color is a book full of gorgeous wallpaper designs in shades of red, purple, pink, orange and more.  From chevron to paisley to damask, this book features patterns that are sure to be a winner for your home interior design plans.  Shop Red and Purple Tones Wallpaper>>

Also from Design by Color is a collection of natural, textured wallcoverings featuring sisal, jute, arrowroot, cork, mica and more.  These wall papers are available in many great colors.  Be sure to check out the concrete texture.  Shop Grasscloth+>>

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Balmoral Paisleys by Ralph Lauren

Balmoral PaisleysBalmoral Paisleys is a collection of linen, cotton, and velvet paisley fabrics in Ralph Lauren authentic paisley motifs.  Gorgeous jewel tones make this book of traditional paisley upholstery, drapery and bedding fabrics a fabulous choice.  These designer fabrics are made in Italy, Peru and the USA.  The colors are stunning and the patterns are gorgeous.  Take a look at the fabrics in this classic fabric book now >>

Friday, June 13, 2014

Choosing Outdoor Fabrics


Sit back, relax and let Emery take the guesswork out of getting the right outdoor fabric for your patio, pool, porch or other outdoor space.


outdoor fabricUpdating your outdoor space for the summer season can be an exciting task when it comes to choosing the perfect fabric for your cushions and curtains. Outdoor fabrics come in many types and styles. The most durable and fade resistant fabrics are made of 100% solution dyed acrylic. The most popular brand of acrylic dyed fabric is Sunbrella. Another option is fabric consisting of 100% acrylic. These fabrics are water resistant and have long lasting color properties. The most budget friendly option are outdoor fabrics made of 100% spun polyester. Many design options are available because polyester can be screen printed. Unlike the acrylic options, polyester is not recommended for use in direct sunlight.  All outdoor fabrics are water and mildew resistant. To keep your fabrics looking fresh all season long remember to use a mild detergent and allow them to air dry. Another good tip is to store your cushions when they are not being used.

To create a look that lasts year after year and functions well next to the pool, choose a solution dyed acrylic fabric. If you enjoy the excitement of changing your fabrics out year after year, a spun polyester fabric would be a perfect option. Spun polyester is also great for curtains, cushions, tablecloths, and pillows under your covered porch.