Monday, February 25, 2008

What was old is new again...

Seems to be a recurring them now-a-days, eh? It seems like everything is "vintage" or "retro" now - and that is so cool! I'm completely in love with so many of the "new" old styles.

One thing that has been surprising to me is the incredible amount of wallpaper that is being used today. In the not-so-distant past, it was all about painting and tearing off all the wallpaper in favor of textured (or faux-textured) paint on the wall.

One of my favorite wallpaper designers (I can't believe I just typed that!) is Carolyn Ray. I am absolutely in awe of her latest designs! So many current designers have given wall-covering so much more interest than the kind of vinyl, washable wallpaper you may have grown up with. Wallpaper seems to have evolved like the rest of us and is available in so many styles and patterns.

Wall-covering has also made great leaps in the patterns and styles available for the juvenile age group as well. No longer are you limited to pastel stripes, polka dots or rainbows - there are limitless options available! Disney wallpapers with all of your favorite characters - from Princesses to Lightning McQueen!

No longer is a strip of wallpaper the only way to decorate your walls. Wall appliques and decals are more popular than ever! They aren't just stickers, they are (typically) removable and re-positionable.

Whatever your design style, whatever your colors - there is a wallcovering out there that will work!

Monday's Tip of the Day!
Binder clips make GREAT organizers! I found this article at Unclutterer that talks about how a label-maker and a few large binder clips can help you organize your paperwork - both at home and at the office!

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