Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Cleaning

With Spring finally here there are lots of things around the home that probably need to be done. The first one that comes to mind is the ever dreaded but much needed Spring Cleaning. After a house has been used and abused all winter long it's now time to give it a little TLC. This usually includes pulling furniture out to clean behind it, apparently I have a dog... who knew, power washing windows, shutters and siding, and maybe even repainting or redecorating. Whatever your routine, Interior Mall has what it takes to make your home sparkle.

When it's 30° outside, or less depending on your climate, no one wants to open up a window to let some air in. Now that it is beginning to warm up though, how about replacing stuffy draperies and mini blinds? Start with a great wood blind or faux wood blind. Both offer a more sophisticated look and are great for kids, pets and clumsy spouses because they are easy to clean and won't bend or crack like regular mini blinds. Got a difficult sized window? No problem, both wood and faux wood blinds can be custom made to the exact size you need.

Once you've opened a window or two to show off your new blinds, why not really wow the neighbors with new draperies and some great new drapery rods from Choose from resin, wood, crystal clear, wire, or even metal. Each type of different material gives a different feel to your room. We even have swing arm rods, traverse rods, flexible rods and extra long curtain rods that extend up to 16 feet in length.

By now, you're good an tired but oh don't those new window treatments look fabulous! Now you need a great new chair or sofa and while your at pick out a great coffee table or ottoman to kick your feet up on, after all... you've done a lot of work.

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Maria Hathaway said...

I like what you have to say about opening up windows and replacing draperies and blinds. That will really brighten rooms up and that's what spring is all about. Great blog!