Friday, August 28, 2009

A New Twist on an Old Tradition

September 5th officially kicks off the 2009 College Football season. The polls are in and the top 5 teams have been predicted. Here are the predictions: #1 Florida, #2 Texas, #3 Oklahoma, #4 USC, and #5 Alabama. Now, if you ask the Interior Mall office Arkansas will underdog their way into the top 5, sweeping all the other teams and prove all the polls wrong. And while our office continues to dream let me help get the football season kicked off right with hip, new alternatives to your traditional tailgate and football party.

Here at we offer a ton of collegiate items from College Bedding and Bathroom Items, to Collegiate Lamps, Furniture, Wall Art, Rugs, Picture Frames, Baby Bedding and soooo much more! If you want to have floor to ceiling college decor, we can do it (please make sure to ask the wife first, Interior Mall will not be held responsible for fights and/or divorces). We also have all the great dishes and serving platters to help you throw the kind of football party all the neighbors worry about living up to.

For this years' parties try reinventing some of your old classics. Try substituting mini burgers for your traditional hamburger. Sick of the same old chips and dips? Try fondue and bread. Fried Raviolis and Potato Skin Boats are also high on our list. Even traditional football decor can be spruced up. Instead of using solid colored table cloths try our Collegiate Tablecloth fabric or you can even make your own. White felt strips and numbers can be glued on to green fabric to create a one-of-a-kind football field table runner. And Uncle Joe Bob won't even think about setting his sweaty drink down on your table without one of these great College Stoneware Coasters.

Let's also stay away from the infamous paper plate serving tray. We've got great Divided Serving Trays and Platters in all your favorite college teams. We even have Collegiate Mugs for the coffee you will need the next morning. And speaking of the next morning, help yourself out at your football party by having plenty of easy to locate trash bins. By having your trash bins close, your guests will be more inclined to throw their trash away themselves. Stick empty dishes directly into the dishwasher or sink once they become empty and brush away crumbs and loose foods as you prepare your own plate. This will look inconspicuous to guests but will help you in your cleaning duties later.
So here's to high hopes and dreams as our favorite college teams get prepared to start this season September 5th. As always, check out for anything and everything College Football.

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