Friday, April 16, 2010

Hot Stuff!

We know we've been bad bloggers lately, but we want to make it up to you. Carrie and I have decided to give our dedicated followers a sneak peek at some of Interior Mall's newest and hottest products.

Carrie has been super hard at work on a brand new curtain rod collection called the Art Guild Collection. These beautiful drapery rod sets come complete with two decorative finials, 1" diameter rod in your choice of 3 adjustable sizes, magnetic brackets and mounting hardware. Brackets are a heavy duty magnetic cup that allows the rods to sit without slipping or falling. Not to mention the fact that for under $100 these beautiful rod sets are a steal!

While Carrie was busy adding the beautiful Art Guild Collection I was busy adding a new furniture line to our collections. Each piece of the Arteiro furniture collection is 100% custom made when you order it and is made from only the best Solid Old Growth Noble Wood with no vinyl or MDF used. All products are made by professional carpenters and hand painted by the amazing and talented Brazilian artists. Every piece they make is completely mesmerizing and absolutely beautiful and with a wide selection of cabinets, chairs, trunks and sideboard tables there's sure to be something you will find that you just can't live without.

Carrie has also recently added the Replogle Globes to our Accessories section. Replogle Globes is one of the most well known and the country's largest manufacturer of handcrafted globes. These globes come in all different sizes and shapes and vary from traditional to ultra sleek and modern designs. And for those of you who still believe that the Earth is flat, they make a globe for you too. (Is it still a globe if it's flat??)
Also new to our website is the DiModa Leather Collection. This collection consists of Genuine Italian Leather that has been specially treated to create a smooth, high gloss appearance. DiModa Leather comes in a Patent Leather, a Gator Leather and an ultra sexy Cobra Leather. All leathers are GREENGUARD certified and flame retardant. (Did I mention these were absolutely hot?!) We're also currently taking bids for a cobbler as most of us here are desperately wanting shoes and purses out of this!

As always, check out for all the latest and greatest interior and exterior decorating products.

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