Friday, October 15, 2010

Pet-Friendly Homes from Better Homes and Gardens

* Use dog beds that are filled with cedar chips and washable covers. Keep poochie OUT of your bed.
*Create a nook or pet hideaway for a safe place for your pets that won't interfere with your decor like a big crate would.
* Keep animal toys in a basket and everything else up and away from curious pets.
* Move all breakables away from places your pets tail or head could knock them off of.
* Use vinegar-and-water rinses instead of bleach and harsh chemicals that can be absorbed in your pets paws. Also say no to toilet bowl cleaners which your pets may ingest.
* Pay the money for an airtight pet door to save you and your pet time and energy.
* Say no to carpet. Carpets and rugs collect hair, critters and bacteria all of which are bad for you and your pet's health.
* Keep food out of sniffing dog and cat paths and in airtight containers away from bugs and critters.
* Pick satin paint which wipes up easier than a matte or flat one.
* For rugs, get one with a backing or apply a grip to the underside. And choose colors that match your pet so his or her hair will blend in between cleanings.
* Be careful of certain houseplants like aloe, ivies, amaryllis and poinsettias which are toxic to dogs and cats.
* Avoid drapes and blinds with long cords. Just like for children, dogs and cats can easily get wrapped up what looks like a fun hanging thing.
* Make sure trash and people food is up and away from pets. Certain foods like garlic, chocolate, bones and sugar-free gum are extremely dangerous to dogs and cats.

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