Thursday, January 13, 2011

So cool!

Wow! First blog of 2011? We are bad bloggers! Sorry to our loyal followers which I think is probably our coworkers and in which case don't count.

I know this has nothing to do with interior design but I thought this was so cool when I found it. I do the ad materials for the website and in our local showroom which means I take a lot of pictures and am always looking for new ways to ad an interesting look to our print ads.

This is a Polaroid program for your computer called Poladroid. Just download and install the program to your computer and drag and drop digital images and they will process and come out looking just like a Polaroid. Here are a couple that I played with yesterday. It will not make an image black and white you have to do that much yourself but it does everything else.

I use Photoshop to do a lot of my photo effects but this way you get a vintage look without having to do all the work yourself. Poladroid Download

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