Friday, March 3, 2017

Where do I find my discontinued fabric?

We get lots of calls at for discontinued fabrics.  We love that.  We might have it - but probably not.  Let me tell you why.  Most of the fabrics on our website are from fabric jobbers. Jobbers purchase fabrics by the bolt in large quantities from fabric mills and converters.  They take those fabrics and put them into collections and books (so you can browse all one color or type of fabric).   After some time, if the fabric did not sell very well, they discontinue it and just don't get any more.  Some times the converter or mill quits making it and they have no choice but to drop the fabric.  Fabrics get discontinued every day.   It's very hard to keep up.

A store, whether online or not, usually has some bolts of fabric they have purchased.  Some of them eventually get discontinued before they are sold out.  This is how we have discontinued fabrics.  We still have some left.  You can see our discontinued fabrics here >>   We don't stock fabrics from jobbers like Robert Allen, Kravet, Duralee, Ralph Lauren, etc.  There is no reason to - they are designed to be ordered cut to measure when you need it.  A store cannot have every Kravet fabric in stock (there are thousands) because that is just not possible.  Kravet has them in stock; therefore, when Kravet discontinues it - it is gone.  If you are lucky enough to know the mill that made it, you might be able to get it in a bolt size (think 60 yards or more).  Finding a couple of yards is like looking for a needle in a haystack - only way that's gonna happen is if someone has a return or something like that.

The other exception is when another jobber booked the same fabric; however, it will have a different name.  So unless you want to spend hours going through every brand of fabric...  I have been known to locate a few discontinued fabrics  - we might just help you find yours too.

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