Monday, July 30, 2018

Ripplefold Curtains

Ripplefold window treatments are gaining in popularity in the residential market. A common look for commercial spaces, the ripplefold carrier system creates a sleek, elegant wave like pattern visible on both sides of the curtains. When the curtains are open, they require less stackback space and provide more exposure to the glass.

 When choosing ripplefold curtains, you need to choose either a butt master carrier or overlap master carrier. 

Center Draw: Butt master will provide a continuous fold look but will allow some light to filter in between the center crack. An overlap carrier will cover the light gap but create a flat center.
Left or Right Draw: A butt master carrier will have a continuous wave look with the curtain panel wrapping completely around the end. An overlap master carrier will create a flat look on the end.

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