Friday, May 1, 2009

Mother's Day Countdown

Officially, there are only 9 days left until Mother's Day. And in case anyone has ever wondered here's a bit of history on where Mother's Day actually came from.

Mother's Day goes back all the way to ancient Greece where Rhea, the Mother of the God's was praised. Later, early Christians used this day to honor the mother of Christ, Mary. This holiday would later include all mothers and would be celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Cakes were brought as gifts to mothers but lack of time once the Americas had been settled led to a declining participation.

After the Civil Way the celebration was re-introduced and later, on December 12, 1912 the Mother's Day International Association was born. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday of May to be observed as Mother's Day in honor of all mother's.

Like many others, we've all been scrambling around the office for great, one-of-a-kind gifts to honor some of the greatest women we know. We thought our beloved readers would love to know what we've come up with.

We found these great sweet smelling DIY sachets on the Martha Stewart website. All you need are four 4-in squares and a little sewing knowledge. Cut the squares out of your favorite printed or solid fabrics, we suggest some of our new Michael Miller cotton prints. Place fabrics right sides facing and sew sides together making sure to leave a 1-in opening. Turn fabric right side out and fill with lavender, cedar or any of mom's favorite scents.

While we were there, we also came across some beautiful and easy homemade earrings. Grab some unique tassels and earring backs that can be obtained from any craft store. Use pliers to open the loops in the earring backs and insert the tassels. Bend the loop back and you've got a unique set of earring any mom would love.
For those not inclined to crafty things, has some great gifts for mom for under $25. Also consider, a custom initial bottle stopper or a beautiful Olivia Riegel photo frame. Whatever the route you choose, crafty or otherwise, make sure to stop in for all the latest and greatest products from Interior Mall.

Love You Mom!


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hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Sue | Design said...

Mothers day has come and gone hope your spoilt yours as I did mine, I still think that mothers should be spoilt daily and not on one special day.

Anonymous said...
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