Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Craft Projects

Spring brings renewal and fresh ideas and summer holds warm weekends at the lake or by the pool sharing good company with friends and family. To save money, many people are looking for alternative things to do instead of going to a movie or taking a weekend trip. While these small craft projects may not last an entire weekend, they are a good start and a great way to get your creative, crafty juices flowing.

Fabric Napkin Rings

A great afternoon project that is not only fun but an excellent way to change up your dinner table or picnic table for the summer time is Fabric Napkin Rings.

Choose your favorite light weight fabric, such as a bandana or anything 100% cotton and your favorite buttons. Cut your fabric into 6 x 9 inch strips. Fold each strip into thirds lengthwise and then into thirds widthwise. Sew a button onto one end about an inch from the edge. Make sure to cut a corresponding button hole on the opposite end and voila! You have a cute inexpensive table dressing.

If you are looking for a fun way to renew that old lamp shade, cover it with your favorite fabric. Begin your project by laying a large piece of butcher paper, brown wrapping paper or wax paper onto a table. Lay your lamp shade onto the paper with the seam alligning with the end of the paper. Roll the lamp shade on the paper until the paper covers the shade completely. You should end up right back where you started along the seam. Be sure to leave about an inch extra on the top, bottom and along the seam of the shade. Fabric Lamp Shade

Next lay your piece of paper on top of your fabric being sure to pin the paper to the fabric. Cut the fabric using the paper as your guide.

Test to make sure your fabric is a good fit on the shade. Once tested, using either a spray adhesive or fabric glue, begin by brushing it on the back side of your fabric, then place your shade with the seam at the edge of the fabric as before and roll the shade along the fabric carefully checking that the fabric is not creasing or bubbling. To make sure your fabric fits over the top and bottom of the shade, clip your fabric every half inch. (If needed, close pin in certain places while the adhesive dries.)

Custom BagLastly, for all those beach goers this summer, a custom bag might just be the ticket. Check out this bright and colorful bag that one of our customer service representatives made.

Best of all, these great fabrics can be found at

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Great ideas, thank you. I'll try that out next time I'm planning a party.