Thursday, June 30, 2011

Custom Slipcovers

If you upholster a piece of furniture in warmer months, you’re bound to feel attracted to lightweight cotton and linen in sunny colors and patterns. When winter hits, the choices feel all wrong and you find yourself craving rich velvet, chenille and suede in warmer, darker hues.

Just as we change out accessories to mark the changing seasons, why not create custom slipcovers to change the look and feel of your furniture? Any upholsterer can create a custom slipcover for a fraction of the cost of getting the piece reupholstered, and suddenly your furniture is transformed.

Always wanted a suede sofa but worried it will feel too heavy in the summer? Display your cotton silk striped settee through the summer, and then easily fit a suede slipcover over it in the winter and it becomes a cozy sofa. Same goes the other way. Love your velvet sofa but crave the look of linen? Try a custom slipcover.

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