Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Drapery Hardware Terms Made Easy

A solid piece of material used to mount or attach curtain rods to the wall, molding, window trim, or ceiling.

Center Bracket
A single or double bracket made to mount over the top of a window to support additional weight in the center of the rod.
The distance from the mounting surface to the back of the curtain rod. Important consideration if an under treatment is to be used.

The length of a straight line that runs through the center of a circle, cutting it into two symmetrical halves. Commonly used to describe the size of a pole or finial.
A decorative element attached to one or both ends of a rod that also prevents rings and panels from sliding off the end of the rod.

Pin-on Hook (Drapery Pin)
A metal pin designed to slide into draperies, and then to attach (hook) to a ring or slide.

Distance from wall to the front of the rod.

The drapery fabric that covers the area from the end of the curtain back to the wall. In shirr-on curtains, the fabric is eased around the corner of the curtain rod. In pin-on draperies, an additional pin is used at the outside top corners of the drapery and hooked into the rod bracket hole.

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