Thursday, August 18, 2011

Get Organized for the School Year

Back to school time has come for many of us and is quickly approaching for the rest. Even if school has already started there's still time to get your house organized and ready for the new school year. Life Made Better has a few quick and easy tips for getting an "A" on your organization this year.

Put your walls to work by organizing papers in wall-mount filing racks outfitted with folders.

Office Organization
Optimize efficiency by installing a corkboard, a dry-erase board, and a magnetic calendar above the work surface.

Office Supplies
Insert a divided tray or drawer organizer into a desk drawer to sort fasteners and other office supplies. You'll need to choose an organizer that has a bottom (as opposed to the type of bottomless drawer divider used for socks) to keep small items from slipping underneath.

Clips and Fasteners
Tiny little tools benefit from tiny little vessels to keep them organized. Transform colorful plastic ice-cube trays into divided storage containers for paper clips, push pins, and more.

Art Supplies
Use short mailing tubes or potato-chip cans to keep paintbrushes, pencils, and other art supplies organized. Cover the mailing tubes with decorative paper to fit your decor. Stack them and attach them to one another with crafts glue or double-sided tape to keep them stable.

Eliminate the need to run through the house looking for batteries ever again. Use a plastic tackle box with multiple sizes of openings to hold your batteries, grouped by size.


Oceanside logo design said...

i have a toolbox with compartments, but what you did with these baking supplies are clever and artsy.

Asheville Wallpaper said...

Prioritize tasks. Complete the short-notice tasks first while continuing to complete parts of long-term tasks.