Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's your Decorating Style?!

I saw this quiz and thought it was interesting. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil to write down your answers.

1. Which of the following would you label your dream car?

  1. A sleek sports car equipped with all the latest, flashy features - and it's got to be trendy!
  2. A pickup truck that's as stylish as it is functional.
  3. A mid-sized SUV that's cleverly styled to suit both car lovers and sports enthusiasts.
  4. A classic car that represents history and offers a sense of formality.
  5. A vehicle that helps you enjoy a weekend drive with the wind in your hair. 
2. Which of these meals are you most likely to prepare?

  1. A tofu stir-fry with a Cajun kick - you like to entertain with exciting dishes.
  2. Homemade pot roast and potatoes that give you a warm feeling.
  3. A sampler platter - you enjoy taste testing a variety of foods.
  4. Turkey with all the dressings - the perfect chance to use the formal dining room.
  5. Finger sandwiches with no fuss, no muss. 
3. On a typical work day, which of these outfits would you most likely be seen wearing?

  1. Black dress pants or slacks with a bold striped button shirt.
  2. A pair of jeans to match a favorite comfy sweater.
  3. A stylish outfit with a mix of patterns and colors to represent your individualistic style.
  4. A formal dress or pant suit because you always dress for success.
  5. A comfortable pair of khakis, a denim jacket and your signature leather sandals. 
4. If you could choose your favorite lighting fixture, what would it look like?

  1. A clean and crisp wall sconce.
  2. You prefer the light from your fireplace for that cozy ambiance.
  3. A Tiffany-style art glass table lamp that showcases brilliant colors and a unique style.
  4. A grandiose chandelier that welcomes guests into the foyer.
  5. A natural style ceiling fixture that features material such as bamboo. 
5. Your dream house is:

  1. A stunning home with large windows and clean lines that overlooks water.
  2. A remodeled farm house with plenty of space for friends and family.
  3. A stylish condo in a hip metropolitan neighborhood.
  4. Only a spacious modern-day castle will do.
  5. A rustic log cabin surrounded by nature.
If you chose:

Contemporary Style Decorating Mostly A's: You are a contemporary decorator. You favor sleek, streamlined designs and form that follows function. Your living room tends to have leather furniture and your home decor often features metal and glass with minimalist details.

Country Decorating Mostly B's: You are a country decorator. Floral prints and comfy sofas with ruffled skirts may adorn your home. You enjoy heart-warming coziness that you get from your fireplace. Unpretentious is your motto.

Eclectic Decorating Mostly C's: You are an eclectic decorator. You're not afraid to mix up your home decor by crossing different periods and styles. Furniture with textured fabrics linked only by color may be sprinkled throughout your home. You like home decor that represents your individualistic side.

Traditional Style Furniture Mostly D's: You are known as the traditional decorator. The moment guests step into your home they are imbued with a sense of history. Queen Anne-style furniture probably graces your dining room. Formal, symmetrical and graceful sums up your home decor.

Casual Style Decorating Mostly E's: You are a casual decorator. You live only by three words: relaxed, informal and comfortable. Neutral, earthy tones placate every room. You enjoy home decor that pays tribute to nature and textured fabrics.

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