Friday, December 14, 2012


What in the world did we do before Pinterest? Well, I know I didn't know how to make no sew curtain panels or get the idea to make custom drawer pulls for my son's bedroom.
Pinterest has opened up a whole world of DIY ideas that have taken even the uncraftiest of people and made them Martha Stewart. People are more creative and more into DIY than ever before. We feel a sense of accomplishment when we complete a project that we did all on our own. Not to mention we want everything custom but don't always have the money for it. Buying custom items are double sometimes triple what it costs if you were to do the project yourself. (Keep in mind there are a few projects that should not be attempted at home.)
Items have also become more personable. Pinterest also gives us great gift, cards and invitation ideas that allows us to send something more personable to others which people find so refreshing.
So keep Pinning everyone and if you come across a Pin that you would like to see us try, let us know!

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