Monday, December 10, 2012

Wall decals not just for walls.....

Being that this weekend was supposed to be our last warm weekend for quite a while I decided it was time I finally worked on the table that I have in my son's room. This table was a $20.00 Wal-Mart special from when I was in college. I graduated college in 2005 if that tells you anything.
As you can see the table was nothing special. It had a light oak veneer top and gray metal legs. Since his room is superheroes and I have extra, what he calls "Hulk Smash Green" paint from painting his walls I decided I would paint the top the same color and then put peel and stick wall appliques on top. Inexpensive and easy...right up my ally. He has a gray metal castle bed in his room the same color as the table base so I decided to just leave the base the same color. He chose Spiderman appliques for the top so I purchased those as well as some water based polyurethane.

After sanding the top I painted, placed the appliques and then sprayed my polyurethane on top (I did 3 coats just to be safe) and voila!
Disclaimer: Please ignore all the toys in the floor. He's 5, his room can go from clean to messy in a matter of seconds!

As an added bonus I had left over wall appliques so now I can either use them on his dresser that I plan on refinishing or put them on his walls.

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