Monday, July 12, 2010

Cleaning your couch?

So, we all have that FABULOUS piece of furniture in our living room - the ONE thing that we just could NOT call a home without! So... what happens when someone spills their red wine on that piece while watching the latest episode of Design Star?? TRAGEDY, right??

Here are some suggestions from fabric manufacturer Maxwell Fabrics.

**Avoid overwetting.
**Do not dry in direct sunlight
**Do not dry with a hair dryer
**Do not use chemical cleaning agents.
**Alcohol based products will deteriorate PVC PVC may be cleaned with a water based product such as foam from a mild detergent, such as ivory flakes, flamorene brissel foam, upholstery cleaner and tide have been found suitable or a non-solvent upholstery shampoo - NOTE - ALWAYS test any cleaning agent in a hidden part of the furniture before using!!! **Ink and shoe polish will permanently stain PVC
**Avoid direct sunlight
**Polyurethane is NOT breathable

Any questions?  

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