Thursday, July 22, 2010

Has Going Green Gone Too Far?

Everywhere I turn now, it seems I am bombarded with "Go Green". Hybrid cars, reusable shopping bags, longer lasting CFL lightbulbs, compost piles and recycled EVERYTHING. Just in doing some research for this article, I was overcome with pages and pages of blogs, tweets and facebook posts. Don't get me wrong. We only have one planet and the better care we take of it the longer we will have it for. I'm all for doing my part and turning the water off when I'm brushing my teeth or reusing my cloth shopping bags but I feel peer pressure (like I'm in High School all over again UGH!) to turn my clothing inside out and wear it an extra day or something to help save water and cotton! So is this new trend going too far??

For example, I want to eat healthy, in fact, I would love to eat healthy but buying "organic" means paying 2 sometimes 3 times more than non organic foods. Who gets this money? Also recently, I found an article stating that the City of Minneapolis had declared that cars found idling for more than three minutes will now face fines. Really?!?

On the flip side, because of the recent trend of "Going Green", Congress has enacted many useful and beneficial laws regarding the preservation of wildlife, landmarks, waste reduction and water conservation.

So my question to you is, has "Going Green" gone too far??

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