Friday, June 19, 2009

We Want Your Pictures!

We here at Interior Mall have been thinking (we stopped quickly after because it started hurting, but we did get one pretty good idea out of the mix), we take your calls day after day and get to hear about what great plans you have for our products but we never get to see the completed project! has been providing you with the best in fabrics, furniture, bedding, blinds and accessories for over a decade and we want to see what amazing things you have created. If you have ever purchased from Interior Mall and made something great out of one of our products we want you to be a part of our Customer Creations Blog.

We've already started getting our pictures together. (Far Right): Toteable Tote made of some of our in stock Premier Prints fabric by Shanna. (Middle): Shelly's new addition, Emma, has a posh new Nursery from Glenna Jean baby bedding. (Bottom Right): Carrie's got a new shirt from Michael Miller fabrics made by Shanna.

Send all your great Interior Mall product pictures to with the title "Customer Creations". We can't wait to see what all our customers have been up to.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I just wanted to take some time to send out a new product update. One of our fabulous baby bedding companies has just launched a line of diaper cakes.

Each cake contains: Jersey Bodysuit (1), Jersey Bib (1), Twill Mini Floral Washcloth (1), Twill Large Floral Burp (1), Washcloth Toppers (2), 40 Diapers (size 1).
If you love these make sure to check out our large selection of baby bedding.