Friday, October 19, 2012

Wallpaper Stripped

Wallpaper. Just hearing the word makes most people shutter. I often hear, 'Why would anyone put wallpaper in their home?' but keep in mind the wallpapers of today aren't the same as the wallpapers of yonder years. With the exception of a few types of wallpaper (i.e. Grasscloth, linen, silk, etc), it is easier than ever to hang and strip. The majority of wallpaper comes pre-pasted and strippable so all you have to do is dip the paper in water and hang it on the wall; no messy paste to deal with and when you are ready to take it down start tearing or get the paper a little wet and then go to town.

They have also started making borders, appliques and murals that are removable and reusable. These are great for kids rooms especially since they seem to change their interests and minds about as often as they change their clothes.

Just remember, wallpaper isn't all bad. I know when you just purchased a home that hasn't had renovations since the 70s and you are beginning the process of stripping the old wallpaper, you really begin to form a disliking to the stuff but just remember, as in anything else, products evolve and get better with age and they have made great strides in making wallpaper a lot more user friendly. Plus, they have come out with some really gorgeous and home decor forward wallpapers.

If you are looking to remove old wallpaper, here are some tips and tricks you might find helpful:

1. Test an area of the paper to see how easily it will remove from the wall before doing any prep work. Find a corner of the paper and pull. If it removes easily you are in luck, if not it's time to get out the perforating tool.

2. Take a perforating tool (can be found at your local home improvement or hardware store) and run it all over your walls. This puts tiny holes in the paper so that your stripping agent can seep through to the glue easier.

3. Spread your stripping agent liberally on your walls. Let that sit and soak in for as long as the directions say. The longer it sits and does its magic, the easier it will be for you in the end.

4. Starting at a corner take a metal wallboard knife (putty knife) and begin stripping the wallpaper away from the wall. Once removed make sure all glue residue is removed from the wall by taking a sponge and using the stripping agent going over the walls. Once all the residue has been removed, go over the walls once more with a sponge and warm water and let dry completely.