Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blackout Fabrics

Blackout fabrics are used to cover your windows and not allow any light through.  You can add blackout lining to your draperies to achieve this effect.  Just select a gorgeous drapery fabric and have it lined with blackout lining (usually white or off-white). 

Many new styles of fabric are coated with a blackout finish, eliminating the need for purchasing two fabrics.  The Vegas FR Blackout book includes solid color drapery fabrics in 4 different styles.  One of the fabrics has a wool look while another has a bit of metallic shine to it.  The FR just means that it is fire retardant and could be used in a hotel or some other commercial setting.

Blackout curtains also save money over time by blocking light which causes fading and reducing electricity costs by blocking heat produced by sunlight and providing an insulation to keep your temperature even.

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