Friday, March 11, 2011

Design 2011: Black Casework, Doors and Cabinetry

We all know that black is one of the most sophisticated of colors, but for light-starved people, it's often written off as too dark for airy interiors. Last year we embraced "almost black" walls, but for 2011 I believe we will flip flop to adore black crown molding, baseboards, shutters, stair treads, railings, bookcases, doors and cabinetry.

So, how do you get chic appeal without the gloom factor? For the most lustery sheen, use a high-gloss oil paint and apply it with a sponge roller for a smooth finish. Latex is fine for lower sheens, but even coating it with glossy polyurethane will not achieve the same luscious look as oil paint. Remember, high-gloss or low-sheen, paired with white walls, black casework is a perfect example of a timeless classic for the home.

Tip: Keep bookcase backs open to the wall so the room color shows through. Otherwise, paint or line the back of the bookcase with fabric to create some contrast.

Tip: If you leave your exterior door open most of the time you're home, it's nice to have an outside door color that complements your interior as well as your exterior entrance.

Tip: Black doors really sing when there is a wall of them creating repetition. And remember, door colors do not have to match the trim.

Thanks to Houzz Newsletter for these great ideas!