Friday, August 17, 2018

Fabric Focus: Alexander Henry

Unusual. Distinctive. Fun. Vibrant. Novelty. All words that describe the cotton fabric prints from Alexander Henry. These popular fabrics are loved from fashion designers to home sewers. If you are looking for something unique, you will find it in these designer fabrics.

Alexander Henry is located in Burbank California and is run by the De Leon Design Group—Marc, Phillip and Nicole de Leon.  Each pattern is designed by in-house artists  who paints each pattern by hand. 

Of the essential studio process, Nicole de Leon explains, "We are painters and we love to paint, and we love that the process is organic and sometimes wonderfully unpredictable. Moving and blending the media is vital to the process." Phillip de Leon, her brother and design partner concurs, "As a fabric company and as painters we feel tied to the tradition of old world textile design. There is an intimacy to our finished product that I believe our clients notice. When we introduce a collection, our customers approach each design as something unique, where the hand of the artist is definitely in evidence."
Don't you just love these new fabrics?