Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sorella Home = FABULOUS!

I am more than excited to announce that has become an official retailer of Sorella Home products; A fairly new company but quickly making waves and a name for themselves in the home decor world. They have been featured several times in Home Fashion magazine as well as HGTV, HFN and
Sorella Home brings the warmth of old world craftsmanship and mixes it with modern, contemporary styles;  yesterday's quality with today's look. They are proud of their products and their roots and it shows in their work.
The Botanica Collection is hand crafted by today's generation of Italian artisans. Botanica has the distinctive beauty of Italian glazed ceramics with a modern natural pattern.
Inspired by botanical elements this chic but simple tableware collection reflects a slightly worn and organic appearance in earthy tones. The beautiful floral motif combined with a linen like texture mirrors the simple elegance found in nature.

Natura - collection of dinnerware and decorative accessories in a warm white with a uniquely hand designed shape and border creating a sophisticated look! Each piece in the collection differs from one another by no more than a hint or suggestion and they all blend together magnificently!
The new mood in home decor requires a
shift away from the classic shapes! Natura represents a collection on which to build a comfortable contemporary decorating scheme, layering shades, tone on tone, or using them to create contrasts and accents!

An absolutely stunning collection, Vento is artfully hand crafted in Italy. Each piece of this glass dinnerware and home décor collection is created with a carefully engineered sandblasting process and then hand painted with ivory enamel and 24K gold creating a luminescent and elegant table setting. The artisan's extraordinary technique gives Vento a stunning appearance.

My absolute favorite collections come from the Ernest Hemingway collection. The great thing about each of these sets is that they are wonderful individually or paired with another line within the collection.

The base of the Hemingway collection is Finca.
A handsome oven-to-table stoneware group, is artisan crafted in Portugal and is at the heart of the Ernest Hemingway line. A wonderful color palette of ivory, goldenrod and moss green with a subtle hand textured finish create a uniquely designed tableware collection with elements of nature translated beautifully for home décor.

As mentioned, Finca is the heart and soul of the Hemingway Collection. When I decide to change up my kitchen and dinnerware I would love to make the change to the Finca and mix it with Moveable Feast. These 2 collections mixed together make a gorgeous statement that is sure to please anyone.

The Moveable Feast is a collection of entertainment pieces that merge sleek contemporary style with an organic textures and materials.
Black slate-like chargers, trays and appetizer plates are perfect for parties and made of oven-to-table stoneware. An incredibly stunning wooden charger completes the Moveable Feast collection and is quite simply the perfect accent piece to any home décor. Art for living and artisan crafted in Germany, only African woods are used to create this uniquely designed charger/platter which works as well on the wall as it does on the table.

The third line in the Ernest Hemingway collection is Safari. While small (only containing a small salad or dessert plate and coffee mug), Safari is far from lacking in character and uniqueness. The Safari Collection, inspired by the majestic animals of Africa, proudly
reflects the beauty and grace of African wildlife. A collection of four small
plates and mugs, the group celebrates the beauty of African wildlife with a
lion, zebra, elephant and giraffe motif. It's also a great accent collection to Finca.

Sorella Home has really hit a home-run with the dinnerware collections. Fantastic quality and gorgeous too, there is something for everyone to fall in love with and cherish for years to come.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

iHandy - It's Handy Dandy!

iHandy Level is just what it sounds like. It turns the iPhone into a level. There are many level apps available, but this one comes recommended by friends. Great for hanging art! And the best part is it's Free!

In researching this particular app I learned that iHandy is more than just the level app. They also have an iHandy Ruler App, iHandy Protractor App, iHandy Tip Calculator and a whole lot more. I was really impressed with the easy directions for use. They even tell you how to calibrate your iPhone to ensure absolute reliability.

And my favorite iHandy App has to be the iHandy Coin Flip. You pick the coin and with a double tap or a flip or your wrist you test your luck.
For more information, download instructions, or how to use visit:

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pet-Friendly Homes from Better Homes and Gardens

* Use dog beds that are filled with cedar chips and washable covers. Keep poochie OUT of your bed.
*Create a nook or pet hideaway for a safe place for your pets that won't interfere with your decor like a big crate would.
* Keep animal toys in a basket and everything else up and away from curious pets.
* Move all breakables away from places your pets tail or head could knock them off of.
* Use vinegar-and-water rinses instead of bleach and harsh chemicals that can be absorbed in your pets paws. Also say no to toilet bowl cleaners which your pets may ingest.
* Pay the money for an airtight pet door to save you and your pet time and energy.
* Say no to carpet. Carpets and rugs collect hair, critters and bacteria all of which are bad for you and your pet's health.
* Keep food out of sniffing dog and cat paths and in airtight containers away from bugs and critters.
* Pick satin paint which wipes up easier than a matte or flat one.
* For rugs, get one with a backing or apply a grip to the underside. And choose colors that match your pet so his or her hair will blend in between cleanings.
* Be careful of certain houseplants like aloe, ivies, amaryllis and poinsettias which are toxic to dogs and cats.
* Avoid drapes and blinds with long cords. Just like for children, dogs and cats can easily get wrapped up what looks like a fun hanging thing.
* Make sure trash and people food is up and away from pets. Certain foods like garlic, chocolate, bones and sugar-free gum are extremely dangerous to dogs and cats.

For helpful information about your pet check out

And for all your home decor needs (for you or Fido or Fifi) check out

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Decor Pad

So I was randomly searching for a piece of fabric and found a link to our store on !  It's a great site - you should check them out for sure!

Here is a link to their post featuring one of our products.