Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Yes, we are trying to update here more frequently - but WOW - have we been busy adding new products!

First off, we've been Elf'd and wanted to share them with you, our loyal readers. Check us out here and here!

Check out some of our newest collections at - you'll love what you find there!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wanna go green this Christmas?

Furoshiki - the hottest gift-wrapping craze going!

What better way to make a beautiful package than making it eco-friendly as well? In our newsletter this month, we discuss Furoshiki, a Japanese traditional wrapping cloth.

Watch this video to see various ways to make them!

There are *SO* many fabric options available for these. Lighter-weight fabrics will work better than heavy (think tapestry-weight) fabrics for this project. We have been Furoshiki wrapping fools around the office lately and thought we would share what we have learned.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Baby Stuff!! Baby Stuff!!

Oh my gosh! Have we got the CUTEST new baby lines EVER!!!

Introducing Trend Lab! We have started carrying their lines of baby bedding and accessories and let me tell you - where were these guys when MY babies were babies?!

Check out their lines here.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

INCREDIBLE new dinnerware!!

Okay, so after being punished properly, I am now working on blogging much more frequently. Perhaps some of the "behind the scenes" processes will allow it.

Our product development team has been on the hunt for new dinnerware due to the discontinuation of several lines we were carrying and - wow - did they find a GREAT collection!

We have a new partner, Mustard Seed and Moonshine stoneware. This is a South African company with a tradition of beautiful botanical earthenware. It is absolutely to DIE for!!

Here is a little about them, taken from their corporate website:
Mustardseed & Moonshine was founded by Kate Carlyle in Cape Town, South Africa in 1992 to celebrate her love of the botanical form. The idea was to make beautiful ceramic flowers that were both usable and lasting, flowers that were meticulously crafted, and yet simultaneously robust and functional.

Although Mustardseed & Moonshine has grown over the years, it remains a studio of dedicated artists and the pride that goes into each piece is tangible. The artists who hand-make all of these delicate flowers from Ramekins to Salad Bowls in high-fired earthenware, work with love and dedication to bring a truly original piece to you. All our work is dishwasher, oven and microwave proof.

Visit our website at for more information or to purchase these items!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football?!?!

Yes, we are bad bloggers. Shanna and I would like to apologize for not posting an update since July. We have scolded ourselves! 
It's september, school is in full swing and the official start of the college football season began about a month ago. We've been busy here at Interior Mall but we've made time to keep up with the latest scores and highlights from week to week.....and get some new collegiate items up at the same time.
For all the tailgaters out there we added some great chip and dip servers, trays, even plates

If you are looking to give your husband his own special room, we have a great selection of home decor items. We added some great looking new wall and desk clocks.  As well as new coaster sets and ladies we have the ever popular pink collegiate coaster sets. These are definitely an office favorite around here!                                        

If you are headed to the big game and in need of some extra warmth, make sure to check out all the new college fleece fabric recently added. Fleece blankets also make great gift ideas!

Head to and gear up for this weekend's big game. If you are looking for a game check out Alabama at Georgia, Mississippi at Florida or, our personal favorite Arkansas at Texas. This is a deep seeded rivalry and we are all excited about the game. Woooo Pig Soooie!   

Friday, July 11, 2008

Schools (almost) in!

I know, it hasn't started yet, but I'd bet that if you're a parent of an incoming college freshman this fall, the preparations have begun, post-haste to get your darling safely, comfortably and stylishly into their home-away-from-home.

We have a new company called College Covers that we are carrying in our store. They feature (obviously) college themed merchandise, from crib sets (for those who like to start 'em out young) to twin XL for those oh-so-comfy dorm bunks.

Whether you are an SEC die-hard, a Pac-10 booster or somewhere in between, you can find all that you need to deck out your room in your favorite team's decor!

Check out the new items here!

Friday, June 20, 2008

New Product Spotlight!

Happy friday!
Welcome to another installment of New Product Spotlight!!!!

Our product development team has been incredibly busy lately, adding new products to our online store! We have numerous new fabric collections, such as the Fabricut Pistachio Color Studio Collection, found here, the new S. Harris "Wildside" collection, and Robert Allen's Modern Library collections. There are some FABULOUS new fabrics in these collections!

We have also added some new bedding, which you see in previous posts.

Lighting is another category which we have added products in. We have added a really neat new line of "a-la-carte" lighting, by Jubilee Lighting. We have new children's collections, night-light collections and shades.

The last category I wanted to point out is un-framed art. There are some really neat prints that we are now carrying here.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Long time, no post...

Wow - what a bad blogger am I?!

It has been incredibly busy around here the past several weeks and I have, sadly, neglected the blog. I'm hoping to rectify that and get a daily post going again soon, though!

Today, I wanted to talk about organization.

There are so many inexpensive ways to reorganize....have you ever thought of using an old ice cube tray as a desk or junk drawer organizer? Or what about using a wine rack as a magazine holder?

Pretty bowls and vases make excellent organizing tools for tables, dresser-tops, cabinets, etc.

Let's face it, who couldn't stand to be a bit more organized? Studies have shown that clutter can induce stress and who wants that? Not me! I have plenty without clutter adding to it! What are some things that you do around your house to reduce clutter? We would love to hear from you!

Come check out some of our new lighting collections at InteriorMall! Jubilee Shades, Jubilee Children's lighting and night lights for those afraid of what goes bump in the night!

This month's Real Simple magazine has an EXCELLENT article about clutter and organization. I urge you to check it out!

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bedding 411

Researchers say that we spend 1/3 of our life in bed. Being the single mother of an infant and working a full time job, I question that number at 4:00 a.m. but.....whatever. Rachel and I are currently in the process of adding new bedding product to the website and revamping our whole bedding section. We are EXTREMELY excited to be a new dealer of SFERRA Fine Linens. For those of you unfamiliar with SFERRA they are one of the world's leading companies in luxury bedding. They were the first company ever to offer 1020 thread count sheets, all made from 100% Egyptian Cotton.

I know everyone always talks about thread count but maybe you don't understand what exactly they are referring to. I know until just recently the only thing I personally knew was that the higher the thread count, the better the quality and the better the feel of the fabric....and that is true to an extent. Thread count refers to the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch of fabric. What many companies do in order to show a higher thread count is double up the threads. So, if for instance the customer is buying 1020 thread count sheets, they are buying 1,000 thread counts but the quality is only a 500 thread count. There isn't 1,000 threads per square inch of fabric, there is 500 doubled. Just recently Linen N Things was sued over this very issue. A customer bought bed linens with the assumption they were 1,000 thread count sheets. As time wore on they noticed them depreciating faster than should happen. After testing, it was found that they were not actually 1,000 thread count sheets, they were 500 doubled and passed as 1,000. This is not to say that every set of sheets you purchase is fraudulent, however, it is something to be aware of. I can tell you this, SFERRA does not take part in these practices and stands behind there product 100%. Should you ever have problems with your linens they will test them for $100 and find out exactly what caused the problems and if it seems to be a manufacturers flaw, they will replace the sheets.

There's cotton and then there's Egyptian Cotton. Egyptian Cotton is the finest cotton in the world. Found a long the Nile River in Egypt it is used to make the finest linens in the world. What makes this the best cotton in the world? The length of the yarn and the growing process. Researchers have come to realize the longer the yarn and the longer the growing process, the better quality the cotton.

Don't forget to check out the bedding page for one of the best bedding selections around.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Retro and Vintage Fabrics

So, spending my weekend at The Paper Doll House rekindled my love for all things old (or old-looking, as the case may be). The love of vintage/retro items has grown exponentially in the design industry in the past few years. The old adage, "what once was old is new again" is showing its truth.

F. Schumacher has come out with some really neat "vintage" fabrics. These new fabrics are available through .

Another great source for vintage-inspired fabrics is Laura Ashley. Many of their patterns are reminiscent of days gone by and are great with the ever popular "Shabby Chic" look or a country-cottage scene.

Meet the Staff: Rachel

IT'S FRIDAY!!!! We're glad Shanna returned from her trip to Chicago safe and sound. This week I am introducing everyone to Rachel. She is "the new girl" around the office and we are lovin' her! She was hired on to help take up some of the slack from my job. We get so many new products everyday that need to be added to it was becoming difficult for me to keep up with that and the other jobs I do. Thanks to Rachel things are slowly getting better. She's only been here 3 weeks but she's doing a fantastic job!

Carrie: You've only been working here for a short period of time. What have enjoyed most about your job so far?
Rachel: Any job that you can wear jeans to is my kind of job. Everyone here has been so great to ask me about my family and what's going on. I love coming to work in the mornings.

Carrie: How would you describe your interior design taste?
Rachel: I really enjoy modern design. I love sleek lines and clean colors.

Carrie: How do you spend your time outside of work?
Rachel: I spend a lot of time with my baby 3 year old Rat Terrier, Princess. My husband and I got her right after we got married so she's grown with our marriage. I love my family and I look forward to the weekends so I can eat out with friends and relatives.

Carrie: One random question: What is the hardest decision you've ever made?
Rachel: Moving 5 hours south to attend LSU-S was probably the hardest decision I've had to make. I left my fiancee, all my friends, and my family. Everything worked out great though, my fiancee became my husband and we're enjoying being back home with everyone in a place we grew up and hope to raise our children one day.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Meet the Staff: Bruce

Last week we met Cady from the showroom. This week we're meeting Bruce. He works here at the office with myself and all the other girls you've met. He's our behind the scenes guy. If we have phone problems, computer problems, pretty much anything that could go wrong that we can't fix ourselves Bruce is the one who does.

Carrie: How long have you been working for Interior Mall?
Bruce: 4 years

Carrie: What do you enjoy most about your job?
Bruce: Solving lots of different problems and working with pleasant and friendly people.

Carrie: What is the most difficult task you've dealt with while working here?
Bruce: Connecting our office and store so everything worked seamlessly.

Carrie: How do you spend your time outside of work?
Bruce: I like to take photographs and do astronomy. I also like to do astrophotography.

Carrie: One random question: Who has had the most influence in your life and why?
Bruce: My father. He has taught me the value of laughter but also of responsibility. He has shown me how to be firm when needed but also loving and not stern. He has instilled in me the love of God, family, and those I meet each day on my adventure through life.

Next week "The New Girl"......Rachel!


Hello from beautiful Sycamore, Illinois!

We all arrived safely and are enjoying our vacation. The place we are staying in is "The Paper Doll House" in Sycamore. The Paper Doll House is a scrapbooking-oriented bed and breakfast set in a quaint, historically appointed victorian-style home. The Paper Doll House was built in 1893 by Charles O. Boynton as a wedding gift for his daughter, and her husband-to-be, Frederick B. Townsend.

Many of the intricate details in this home point to the fact that this was a wedding gift. There are six fireplaces in the home, and each spectacularly crafted mantelpiece has something symbolic of marriage.

In the dining room are two mantels, one being an actual fireplace, on the outside wall. The details are absolutely amazing in these! They both have a carved rose motif on them and the one on the inside wall has a dragon on each side. The picture on the left is a close-up of the detail of one of the fireplace mantels.

The fireplace shown on the right is in the front parlour of the home. It has the atypical rose motif, along with cherubs on the brass fittings around the fireplace itself. All of the woodwork in the home is original and is in pristine shape.

Later, I will post about some of the individual rooms in the home, such as the Rose Room and the Master Bedroom.

To all y'all at the office - hope you're having a fabulous Thursday!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Goin' to Chicago

Vacation time is arriving quickly! I'm leaving this afternoon for an AWESOME weekend scrapbooking (I know, I know - a whole weekend scrapping????) in the Windy City! In homage to my trip, I wanted to shine a spotlight on some of our items with a Chicago theme.

Some of the manufacturers we deal with are located there, or at least have showrooms. A few you could check out would be Beacon Hill, Duralee, Stroheim & Romann and LumiSource.

I hope to make a few posts while I'm gone, just for a change of scenery. Y'all have a great week!

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Wonderful World of Tiffany

Home decor styles and trends change like the wind. Ideas, colors, looks, everything changes from season to season but the one thing that has stayed the same and stood the tests of time are Tiffany Lamps.

The first Tiffany lamp was created in the late 1890s by Louis Comfort Tiffany. He was the son of Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of the famous Tiffany and Company.
Louis was a painter and became interesting in glassmaking in 1875. He worked at several glasshouses in Brooklyn until 1878 and then in 1879 he joined Candace Wheeler, Samual Colman and Lockwood de Forest to establish Louis Comfort Tiffany and Associated American Artists. The company thrived but Louis still had a strong desire to work in art glass. In 1885 the firm broke up and Tiffany established Tiffany Glass Company. It became known as Tiffany Studios in 1902.

When he first began his work with art glass he designed windows for some of the most prominent interior design companies in New York as well as church and cathedrals. Many of the stained glass windows seen today all over the Northeastern part of the United States were designed and created by Louis Tiffany. The Holy City
made in 1905 for Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, Maryland is one of 11 Tiffany windows Louis designed for the church. Having 58 panels it is one of the largest ever made by Tiffany Studios.

In 1899 after a few years of working with windows Louis had the idea of creating lamps. The first Tiffany lamp was created in 1899 with a bronze base.

Every lamp is prepared by using the Copper Foil Method. First the pattern is drawn out on a heavy piece of cardboard. Next a number and glass color is written on the pattern piece. After the pattern is drawn and labeled, the glass is laid over it and traced. Once traced, the pieces are cut and grinded to the correct shape. Next the pieces are cleaned so the copper foil can be applied to the edges and the copper foil solution allows the pieces to adhere together. After the lamp has been placed and fully bonded, the edges are soldered together for a firm hold. Lastly, it is cleaned to bring out its magnificent beauty.

Louis Comfort Tiffany closed down Tiffany Studios in 1932. He is still to this day one of the most recognized artist in the world. His work with art glass has inspired the birth of some of the most well known Tiffany lamp companies still in business today such as Dale Tiffany, Meyda Tiffany and Paul Sahlin Tiffanys.

Tiffany Lamps are timeless, beautiful, and no matter what your decor they are the perfect accent in any room.

Fun fact: The record price for an original Tiffany Studios lamp at a public sale exceeds US $8,000,000.

Friday, April 25, 2008

New Product Spotlight:

There are some amazing new collections being introduced right now. I wanted to introduce you to one of my favorites, so far!

These are all new from Robert Allen! They have some FABULOUS new indoor/outdoor fabrics that you absolutely have GOT to check out! You can view the collections here, here, here and here. These collections range from fabrics to trim to drapery hardware!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Meet the Staff: Pam

It's been a busy week at Interior Mall. A lot has been going on. We will be featured in a large spread for the community magazine Entertainment Fort Smith. Make sure to check that out when it hits news stands. We also lost one of our office mascots Blackie. Despite the craziness around the office everything must go on as normal. Being that it's Friday it is time for a new Meet the Staff and this week it's Pam.

Pam's been working for Interior Mall as our accountant for 5 1/2 years. She's sweet, funny, hard working, and a junk food junkie. Although by looking at her you would never know makes me sick! =)

Carrie: What do you enjoy most about your job?
Pam: The challenge and the people.

Carrie: How would you describe your personal interior design taste?
Pam: Good. (I was told she has lots of beautiful antiques and LOVES roosters.)

Carrie: How do you spend your time outside of work?
Pam: Gardening, reading, and caring for my grandchildren.

Carrie: One random question: How would you describe your perfect day?
Pam: Meeting all of my deadlines with a little time to spare.

R.I.P. Blackie

Yesterday at 4:30 p.m. Blackie one of our beloved mascots had to be put to sleep due to a severe case of Feline Aids. This is a very serious feline disease that is extremely contagious to other cats. If you fear your cat might be infected please, please don't hesitate to get your cat(s) tested. To find out more.

R.I.P. Blackie
You will be missed.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Meet the Staff: Stephanie's Friday. After the crazy weather that came through Arkansas a couple of days ago it's nice to hear the birds chirping and see the sun out. You can definitely tell it's Spring. The weather is changing, flowers are blooming and people are redecorating their homes for a new season.
For those out there that might need a little help in that department I am introducing everyone to our in-house designer Stephanie. A 15 year veteran of Interior Mall, she's the fiery little red head that does all our design consultations from how to measure for bed spreads, to creating custom draperies, to picking colors and patterns that coordinate for the perfect look. She is fabulous!

Carrie: What do you enjoy most about your job?
Stephanie: All the different people I come in contact with each day, and the ability to be creative for my job. Everyday is a new adventure around here.

Carrie: How would you describe your personal interior design taste?
Stephanie: I like clean lines and a sophisticated look. I tend to be transitional- I like different aspects of Traditional and of Contemporary. I love color - whether it is a soothing color for bedrooms or a bold statement for an accent wall.

Carrie: What's been your most fulfilling job experience since working for Interior Mall?
Stephanie: That is a very difficult question to answer. I would say it was when I changed a children's treatment center from beige and drab to colorful and inviting.

Carrie: How do you spend your time outside of work?
Stephanie: With my family. I love to cook and spend at least one full day a week in the kitchen. I also volunteer on different committees within my church and cook whenever they need additional help.

Carrie: One random question: If you could have any other job in world, what would it be?
Stephanie: I would love to be a wildlife biologist and spend time in Africa. The world habitats have been changing significantly in the past decade and I fear for the existence of our animals.

Next week.......Pam

Friday, April 4, 2008

Meet the Staff: Shelly

It's cold, it's over-cast, and it's time for a new Meet the Staff. Today we are introducing Shelly. Shelly not only works hard at being the Office Manager and Web Developer but she's what I like to consider the office Den Mother. She is always around when we need to talk or to give us words of encouragement. She's been here over 7 years and it would be strange around the office without her.

Carrie: What do you enjoy most about your job?
Shelly: I enjoy the variety of things to do and the fast pace. Watching the business take off and grow has been exciting as well.

Carrie: How would you describe your interior design taste?
Shelly: I love contemporary things-the sleek lines, simple details, and metals. One the other hand, I treasure my heirlooms from my family. My home is quite an eclectic mix of contemporary furnishings and treasures from my past.

When not working, how do you spend your time?
Shelly: My family and church are the most important things to me. I love to cook-but soccer practice and science fair projects seem to take precedence these days. I also give a lot of time to the children's ministry at our church.

Carrie: One random question: If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Shelly: Other than I can't wait to meet Jesus, I think I would love to have a conversation with Dr. James Dobson. His radio programs and parenting books have been very influential in my upbringing and in my parenting.

I think next week I'll introduce everyone to our in-house designer Stephanie.

Going Green, Part Three

(clipart, copyright

For part Three of our "Going Green" series, I wanted to talk about a few different things. One thing that is important to consider is what happens when the lifespan of a product is complete? Many things can't be thrown into the landfill, such as technology products - computers, tv's, batteries, etc. It is important to know what happens after you've finished using it. Some general things to know are these: Is it recyclable? But, before we tackle that one, lets learn about some of the different types of recycling.
1. "recycling" - this is the type of recycling that you hear about on a regular basis. Soda cans, newspapers, magazines, glass and plastics; these are all types of recycling that we all probably have taken part in at some point. I'm sure many of your towns have recycling programs that are easy to participate in. While many items can be recycled, there are different types of plastics, for instance, that can be recycled in different ways. In "recycling", items are typically ground down to their basic form (take glass, for example) and remade into other products similar to what was recycled. For example, take a glass bottle. You take it to the recycling center, it is ground down to sand, then goes through the process of becoming a glass bottle again.
2. "downcycling" - in downcycling, a product which is recycled is made into a product of typically inferior quality. Tires that are recycled are a good example of this. You take old tires, they are ground up and turned into mulch for playgrounds or something similar.

Other than recycling, there are other characteristics that are important when shopping for decor items. How do you take care of it? If you have an item that requires chemically-heavy cleaning processes, but is produced in an eco-friendly manner, perhaps it is time for them manufacturer to think of a new way to allow for cleaning. Chemical cleaners let off gases that can be harmful to you and your environment and typically offset any environmental "attaboys" of the original purchase.

Sometimes, these chemical gases can simply be a by-product of the item itself. One common example is treated wood products. They can let off gases such as formaldehyde (which is used to preserve things for biology class, for instance). Do you really want that in your home or on your deck? I wouldn't. There are many ways you can determine this information before purchasing. A few websites that are helpful are here and here.

After the strange weather we have had in this part of the country, it really makes us all wonder - are our actions truly contributing to global warming? Even if they're not, what is it going to hurt to live a little greener?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Going Green, Part Deux

Myspace Backgrounds - Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

How was your EarthHour Celebration? Many reports show it was a great success, while just as many say it was a "fad celebration" that no one would continue in their regular lives.

As we near Earth Day, I am continuing our series on Green decorating. I have a few more things to look for when working to decorate green.

3. Where did the material actually come from? Are they locally produced products? Did it take alot of energy to get them to you? The farther from you a product is manufactured, typically (a) the higher the costs and (b) the higher the carbon footprint. Reason being is the transportation to get it to you. Choosing locally produced products not only helps the environment, but also your local economy.

4. How did it get here? Was this product manufactured in a "green" factory? Does the manufacturer use natural ingredients in their products, to include natural energy? Is your product created in a factory with black-smoke billowing chimneys or one that recycles its waste into reusable energy? Many manufacturers are moving to a more green way of doing business, such as using renewable energy sources like wind, water and solar power. How does the manufacturer control their carbon footprint and amount of greenhouse gas emissions? These are all questions that may take a little bit of research to learn, but can make a big difference in the way you shop.

Next up in our series on "Going Green", we'll talk about durability and reclamation of goods we use.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Going Green

Earth Day is quickly approaching, so I wanted to begin a series on decorating green. I know it is probably something that isn't top priority when designing your home, but it is definitely something we should all try to do. We only have one Earth, it is up to us to keep it healthy!

There is a neat observance going on tomorrow called Earth Hour. At 8pm, your time zone, you turn off all of your lights for an hour, basically. It is a neat concept, I think!

So what are some of the ways that decorating your home can have an impact on the environment? Well, there are several different factors you can consider.

1. Is it made of post-consumer product? That can be your number one clue whether or not the product you are using is environmentally friendly. It can be polyester made from post-consumer products or it can be a glass table made from recycled soda bottles. Anything that can be recycled after use is another great product to use!

2. What is it made of? Products are made up of materials, like in a recipe for your favorite lasagna. The first thing you need to know is whats inside? There are fibers, plastics, polymers, composites - but what are all those things made of? You can request a certification of ingredients, or Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet (MSDS ) that legally must list all the materials used in the production of whatever it is you are using. Those materials can include things such as additives, chemical enhancers, binders, paints/varnishes, etc. Some of these items can include materials that are not earth-friendly. Some aren't really even people friendly. It is always best to find items that go through the least amount of processing/finishing steps as possible.

Over the next few days, we'll touch on a few more "green" ideas. Until then, have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere!

One trend that seems to be gaining momentum at this point in time is the HUGE flower trend! There are so many designs out there right now that are massive floral prints. Some of them are FABULOUS! Some of them - not so fabulous.

Some designers have shown the large-scale prints paired with smaller scale stripes or plaids, others are showing several large-scale prints together. When done well, both options are striking!

There is no rule that says large prints have to be relegated to flowers - no way! There are some interesting large-scale prints that are far from floral. I found this fish-themed print from Osborne and Little quite interesting!

Bottom line - big prints are great design elements - just don't overdo it!

Tip of the day!
To get rid of a headache, slice open a lime and rub it on your head. -credit - Martha Stewart.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Boogity Boogity Boogity! Let's go racin.......

The 2008 NASCAR season is underway and things are getting pretty exciting. We had an off weekend this past weekend for the Sprint Cup guys but the Nationwide guys were out in Nashville. In case anyone has missed the action recently let me catch you up. Kyle Busch, who is off to one heck of a start leads the point standings in the Spring Cup series with Greg Biffle not far behind. Everyone's golden boy, Dale Earnhardt Jr is sitting pretty in 5th with my personal favorite, Kasey Kahne in 6th. Anything could happen especially with Martinsville coming up this weekend.
Interior Mall has some one-of-a-kind NASCAR items to help the die hard NASCAR fans cheer on their favorite driver(s). Use these great fabrics to turn any room into your favorite racing room.
Need a little extra light? Choose one of these great driver lamps for the perfect touch.
Or, to really show off your favorite driver, choose among any of these great framed and unframed photographs.
These images capture all the great drivers from past to present including Dale Earnhardt Jr and Sr, Richard Petty, Rusty Wallace, Kasey Kahne, and many more in the habitat they love most.... the race track.
So, get started on that racing room you've always wanted. To help display all your favorite collectibles, you might choose any of our great shelving systems. I personally like the Glace Collection and the Verve Collection.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Vendor Spotlight - Thumprints

Just a quick little plug for a local company that we carry in our store and on our website. Thumprints is a lamp company that is based in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Thumprints is a specialty lamp-making company that strives to create high quality, unique and artistic lighting. Inspired by creativity and individuality, each Thumprints lamp is designed by young Arkansas artist, Allison West.

Thumprints' lamps have even been featured in the living areas of "The Apprentice"! These lamps all handmade, thus making each one different and unique - just like your thumprint. You can view their line here!

New Collection Spotlight: Beacon Hill Fabrics

Beacon Hill, a high-end collection from Robert Allen, has announced a GORGEOUS new line called "Decorative Velvets". From Beacon Hill:

Inviting to touch and appealing to the eye, the luxurious allure of velvet transcends time. Innovative modern constructions make an elegant statement while time-honored traditional designs surprise with fresh colors. The two book set is categorized by Warm Tones and Cool Tones, with a range of colors within each book.

Velvets made of silk, linen and even bamboo are offered in distinctive designs ranging from rich embossed florals to a zebra stripe in a cut and uncut velvet rib weave to ornate lace-inspired "up the roll" panel stripe. Explore this array of the world's finest velvets by Beacon Hill.

These new fabrics are so beautiful! You can call us at 800-590-5844 for more information or to order!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Finials and Standards and Pulleys, oh my!

Window Covering! You either love to be covered or don't mind being open to the world - there seems to be strong feelings on both sides of the debate. Personally, I prefer my windows covered - it is way easier to hide a messy interior that way ;) There are so many styles of window coverings that are available, from blinds to valances to roman shades - the possibilities are endless!

One thing we get asked more than anything is "can this be made into a traverse rod?" More often than not, the answer is no. Traverse rods are intended for draperies that you want to be able to open and close with a pulley mechanism, which pulls the drapes open from the center, or as a "one-way draw", which would open them to the right or to the left only. These systems use a pulley system, rather than manually moving the curtains. They differ from a rod that uses rings or tab-top drapes in that you have to manually move those with a baton or by hand.

With regards to traversing track, there are also your more "industrial" options, flexible tracking and cubicle tracking-type systems. The flexible tracking is just that - flexible. You can make it follow most any pattern you need, from straight to a 360-degree circle. The cubicle tracking systems are more like what you would find in a hospital/doctor's office setting and are typically use for applications which require straight sections or sections with a 90-degree curve.

Another system that has become more popular is a wire system. These types of systems use steel wire held between two or more brackets and can use small rings to slide your curtain along the wire. They are very popular in areas where you may have little room for drapery hardware.

with the decision of the type of hardware, you must also decide the type of drapery style you wish. There are different types of pleats (i.e., goblet pleat, pinch pleat, knife pleat, etc.), tab-top, rod-pocket styles as well as swags, jabots, puddles - it's unreal how many choices there are!

There are also other options which do not necessary require rods or curtains. Roman shades,
blinds, roller-shades - take a look!
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After you've decided on a style, you get to find a fabric and that can be the most fun of all!