Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fabric Art in Under an Hour!

What You Will Need:

* 1/2 - 1yd of Fabric (Depending on Print and Board Size)
* Foam Board, Canvas or Wood Board (Size is Up to You)
* Sharpened Scissors
* Spray Adhesive
* Stapler

Lay board flat on fabric.
(Make sure your pattern is straight if using a printed fabric.)
Cut the fabric around the board leaving a 1 - 1 1/2" border.

Spray the front side of the board with Spray Adhesive.
Lay the glued side of the board flat on your fabric.
Make sure to smooth out any bubbles that may occur in your fabric.

Cut the corners ofyour fabric as shown.
This allows the fabric to lay flat once it has been folded.

Fold over all 4 sides of the fabric over your board.
Make sure to pull each side as tight as possible for a smooth looking front.

Staple corners for extra holding power.

Let Dry and Enjoy!
We created all 4 of these in about 30 minutes!

Hanging Options:
Try hanging these one-of-a-kind canvases with ribbons, tacks, grommets or place on a decorative shelf.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh Monkey Tree, O Monkey Tree... how furry are your branches!

This tree, posted to houzz.com by Tobi Fairley (who is actually from Arkansas as well) is *SO* fun!!

How has your holiday decorating been this year?  Did you go more traditional than normal?  Slightly edgier??  With Christmas only days away, I'm ready to see all of your decorations!!  Come on - post 'em!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Design Trends for 2011

Pantone announced last week that they have picked Honeysuckle as the 2011 color of the year and they will soon be announcing their full line of predicted colors for 2011. The design world while they look to Pantone for colors, does not wait and has already made their predictions for interior design trends in 2011.
What's old is new. Passing down heirlooms and keeping unique pieces in the family is a trend that we will see more of. Going green and using more renewable resources is a concept that has picked up popularity over that past several years and the idea has started to trickle into the design world. Refinishing an old piece of furniture or using reclaimed wood for flooring and decor is something that we will see a lot of. Where we are from and the people and places that have got us where we are today are of interest and preserving that heritage is becoming increasingly more important.
 Starbucks actually used this concept in one of their locations in Seattle; Using reclaimed wood from barns, shipping crates, fallen trees and architectural salvage yards and getting most of their furniture from local antique stores and reupholstering pieces that were located in other Starbucks locations. They truly took the recycled goods idea by the horns and it turned out fantastic.

Another design trend that has already started gaining momentum is a global design trend. Using influences from other countries and cultures to create a global flair. This trend kicked off with the influx of teal in furnishings and has picked up in popularity since.

Lastly, given the economic conditions, people are starting to reevaluate the things that they need vs the things that they would like to have. The concept "More is Less" will begin to surface more often in homes and rather than using many pieces to dress up a home, people will use color and a few specific items to make their home fabulous.

I'm looking forward to the new year and what the interior design world has to offer.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pound for Pound Challenge

So.... got plans for how to stick to that every-New-Year's-resolution of losing weight?  Carrie mentioned the Biggest Loser's "Pound for Pound Challenge" and, of course - we decided to sign on!

Did you know that hunger is a struggle for 1 in 6 Americans? There are many ways you can spread awareness and help Feeding America deliver millions of pounds of groceries to local food banks.

Last year, The Pound For Pound Challenge helped Feeding America® deliver more than 3.5 million pounds of groceries to local food banks. The Pound For Pound Challenge is back for year two and with everyone's participation, it will be even BIGGER!

For every pound you pledge to lose through June 30, 2010, the Pound For Pound Challenge will donate 14¢ to Feeding America® – enough to deliver one pound of groceries to a local food bank. $800,000 maximum donation. 

 You can also check it out on Facebook

Stay tuned after the new year (and holiday feasting has subsided) and cheer us on to our goal!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

I.D. Wood App

The standalone application will work with or without an Internet connection so that the samples and information are always at your fingertips. From the basic to the exotic, I.D. Wood turns your mobile device into a virtual guidebook for seasoned woodworkers, cabinet makers, designers, artists, architects, collectors, antique dealers, hobbyists, gunsmiths, musicians, homeowners, boat builders, carpenters and others. This app is designed for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and is available for $4.99.
I.D. Wood includes the following:

Almost 160 High Quality Full-Screen Wood Samples (raw cut and non-finished)

* Species Names
* Botanical Names
* Other Names
* Wood Origins
* Wood Descriptions
* Woodworking Properties
* Common Uses
* Durability
* Sustainability
* Janka Hardness

I.D. Wood also features:

* Wood Glossary of over 90 terms
* Illustrations of Lumber Cutting Techniques
* Full text Search Tools
* Category Navigation
* Lumber Information
* Dimensional Lumber Conversions
* Thickness Measuring Screen
* Pilot Hole Reference
* Nail Size Reference
* Janka Hardness Scale
* Specific Gravity
* Lumber Grading Tables

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Holidays!

The holidays are in full swing here at InteriorMall.com and I wanted to share with everyone a few of the Christmas trees and decorations we have up around the office.

Last week we shared Shanna's 12 days of Interior Mall tree. 

 Instead of silver bells, Rachel has a silver tree! Love the tree skirt made out of Frosted Mongolian Pink #146562, Promo Shag Royal #147888 and Feather Fur Turquoise Lime (Not on Website). Its opposite colorway Lime Turquoise is, however!

Cymantha and Megan are celebrating in red and decided to cover their stool in Polka Dots Chartreuse Lipstick #163708 for a fun and festive corner!

I like a colorful winter wonderland with my white tree and colorful ornaments. I used Promo Shag Hot Pink #146589 and Crushed Rabbit White #48569 for my tree skirt. Above it I made an ornament wreath for my wall which I think adds the perfect touch!
We hope everyone is having and has a fantastic holiday season! A big HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all our readers, customers and vendors. Without each of you there would be no reason to come to work.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Meet the Staff: Maria

Yes, it is time for another Meet the Staff and this time we are getting to know Maria!

Carrie: What do you enjoy most about your job?
Maria: I really enjoy the people I work with. I have never worked with such a great group of women before and it really makes coming to work a wonderful experience to look forward to.
Carrie: How would you describe your personal interior design taste?
Maria:I have a more French Country style in my new home. I have added lot of painted woods and natural colors.
Carrie: What's been your most fulfilling job experience since working for Interior Mall?
Maria: I think every day has its moments of pure fulfillment and every day it’s a different situation.
Carrie: How do you spend your time outside of work?
Maria: I read a lot, almost anything I can get my hands on. I also spend a lot of time with my dog (Murphy) and cat (Mouse)and we watch movies together. When the weather is nice I also do some hiking.
Carrie: What item from the InteriorMall.com website would you like to add to your wish list?
Maria: The Emperor Penguin Bottle Stopper Item #189783! I like to relax with a good glass of wine at night and I also collect penguins (they are my favorite animal)  so it would fit both activities very well.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The 12 Days of Christmas - Interior Mall Style

12 Cups of Coffee
11 Boxes Shipping
10 E-Mails Loading
9 Furs A Shedding
8 Quickbooks Updates
7 Sample Orders
6 Tassels Swaying

5 Drapery Rings

4 Ringing Phones
3 Picture Frames
2 Dove Bars

and A Crazy Bird in a Green Tree