Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Curtain Rod Question

I am looking for a traverse rod to cover a arched top window with traverse drapery panels. Will the Item #: 75006 Heavy Duty Flexible Curtain Track work for this shaped window and application?
Also is this rod strong enough if the panels are going to be 80" wide 196" long?
I also have 2 straight windows on the sides, would the same rod work for this if I do not need it to be flexible or is there a coordinating straight rod?
Flexible Curtain Track

That rod is strong enough to hold the weight of panels you are describing if enough brackets are put into something secure. The rod is also able to be made straight. However, it is not designed to arch in the manner in which I am thinking you are wanting to use it, which is make it arch around the window. Yes, you can do that and hang stationary panels and valances. The reason it would be difficult to use these as a traversing rod is that you would be fighting against gravity in trying to pull the panels up and then keep them.  Also the length of the drapes would be an issue, as the center part and sides of the traversing drapery panels would be at varying heights when traversed.