Thursday, April 19, 2012

Get Outside: 5 Backyard Weekend Projects

Whether it's something you've been meaning to do for years or just a fun project you hadn't thought of (pebble mosaic, anyone?), spend some quality time outdoors this weekend soaking up some vitamin D and beautifying your backyard. We've rounded up five fun, satisfying outdoor projects to kick start your weekend.

1. Add some shade to a sunny patio with a planter umbrella stand; a concrete center makes the stand super-sturdy, and plants fill the top to hide the umbrella sleeve when it's not in use.

2. Encourage bats to hang out near your house with this bat house tutorial. Need a reason to love bats? Just one of these little guys can eat more than 600 mosquitoes in a single hour!

3. Add some interest to your garden walkway with a pebble mosaic. Get creative by adding all different shapes and sizes!

4. If you have a big strong tree in your yard with an overhanging limb, it's just begging for a tree swing; not just for kids, this swing seats two adults!

5. This compost bin was designed by horticulturists at the University of California Cooperative Extension; they aimed to create a capable, efficient system that was easy to build and easy to use.
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