Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Things on Your Wall

Most of us probably have a favorite piece of art. For some of us, it is a photo frame, for others, it may be a lithograph or print of a famous work of art. For others, it may be a kindergarten masterpiece. We have started carrying these Marsha McCarthy prints that I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with! They are such interesting pieces! There are several different ones in this collection, but the "Birth" one is my favorite. (Click here for a bigger picture) I was always a big fan of the "Children of the Inner Light" series, which is similar. I think that these prints fit with almost any decor and make great gifts! To read more about Marsha McCarthy, click here.

Often a finishing element, artwork bring a room together, brings interest to the wall spaces, provides a focal point, and generally livens up the place. Artwork can liven up a space and make it feel like home. Art reveals a space's visual and emotional impact, and show off your own personality in a room.

Tip for the Day: Artwork should be hung so that the gazing point of the picture is about eye level for most people.

Stay tuned - tomorrow's post will talk about March Madness '08!!!

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