Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Going Green, Part Deux

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How was your EarthHour Celebration? Many reports show it was a great success, while just as many say it was a "fad celebration" that no one would continue in their regular lives.

As we near Earth Day, I am continuing our series on Green decorating. I have a few more things to look for when working to decorate green.

3. Where did the material actually come from? Are they locally produced products? Did it take alot of energy to get them to you? The farther from you a product is manufactured, typically (a) the higher the costs and (b) the higher the carbon footprint. Reason being is the transportation to get it to you. Choosing locally produced products not only helps the environment, but also your local economy.

4. How did it get here? Was this product manufactured in a "green" factory? Does the manufacturer use natural ingredients in their products, to include natural energy? Is your product created in a factory with black-smoke billowing chimneys or one that recycles its waste into reusable energy? Many manufacturers are moving to a more green way of doing business, such as using renewable energy sources like wind, water and solar power. How does the manufacturer control their carbon footprint and amount of greenhouse gas emissions? These are all questions that may take a little bit of research to learn, but can make a big difference in the way you shop.

Next up in our series on "Going Green", we'll talk about durability and reclamation of goods we use.

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