Friday, January 27, 2012

A Day in the Life of an Interior Mall Employee - Shelly

Name: Shelly
Years Employed at IM: 11
Job Title: Business Manager/Webmaster

Describe a "Typical Day" for You at IM:
I'm always working on e-mails and programming projects. I am a part time firefighter and full time zookeeper at the office.

Favorite Moment(s) While Here at IM:
I love listening to the intelligent (or sometimes not so intelligent) conversations around me.Quite entertaining. Wait... not so intelligent??

How Does Your Office Reflect You?
I have pictures of my family, personal artwork, kids artwork and lots of lists and reminders of who and what I need to do and be.

Fill in the blank
There is just not enough outdoor light in my office.
If you walk by my office you'll hear me typing.

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