Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY Knobs

Knobs can be expensive but sometimes you don't want just "Plain Jane" knobs either. Here is how to give yourself faux ceramic knobs but without the costs.


Wooden Knobs


Mod Podge


Envirotex Lite

Throw away brush

Stir Stick or Popsicle Stick

Throw away cup

Blue Painters Tape

Tissue Paper or Stickers


Step 1: Paint your knobs any color your desire and let them dry completely. If you would like to add more than 1 color to your knob, now is the time.

Step 2: Cut a piece of tissue paper and tape it to a piece of printer paper. Print any words or any graphic onto the tissue paper. Cut the words making sure it is a big enough square to cover the entire knob.

 Or, place any sticker onto the face of the knob.
Step 3: (Only if you are using tissue paper) Cover your knob in Mod Podge and place the tissue paper on the knob pressing the edges down smoothly. Make sure all edges and paper are sealed with Mod Podge.

Step 4: Mix your Envirotex Lite. This is what gives your knobs the ceramic look and feel. BE SURE TO READ THE DIRECTIONS!!!

Step 5: With a throw away paint brush, paint on the Environtex Lite. Make sure you cover the entire knob, not just the face. Let dry for 24 hours. And VOILA!

Note: An easy way to hold the knobs during the project so that they don't tip over and you don't have to handle them is poking the screw down into a shoe box....you have an instant knob holder.

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