Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lamp Shade Makeover

I decided it was time I gave my lamps a makeover. I am decorating my living room in peacocks so I thought, 'Why not do a peacock lamp shade?'

Here is what I started with....Pretty plain, pretty basic and the inside plastic was starting to crack.

This is everything I used for my project:
1. New Drum style lamp shade. (I like these because they are a little more contemporary and they emit more light out of the top.
2. Poster board
3. Fabric to wrap around my shade. I used Argos Bisque item #170273 from It's still a light colored fabric but will add texture to the shade.
4. Fabric to use as a trimming. Fabric trim works well too. I used Dupioni Silk 9033 Peacock item #60307 from I'm using this same fabric for my window treatments so I wanted to tie it all in.
5. Peacock feathers
6. Spray glue

First I wrapped the shade in my base fabric Argos Bisque, spraying the shade with glue as I went.

 Then I took strips of poster board and wrapped them in fabric. (Note - if using silk or faux silk for this be sure to only spray the strip on one side with glue as it might discolor the fabric.) Then I wrapped those around the top and bottom of my shade. If using a trim for this it is best to use a hot glue gun. Spray glue will not hold a trim or gimp over time.

Then I glued on my feathers and voila!

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